"TCOMAS are THE most important British-based band of the past ten years. 
Their uniqueness is unparalleled, and their power unquestionable." 

- Ever Metal

"Defies tradition and extends the borders of Metal music...
TCOMAS is, without doubt, one of the most progressive bands of our time..."  

- FemMetal - Goddesses Of Metal

“Fills a vacuum within music... bringing together influences from opposite ends of creative inspiration
–  to pioneer a form of expression that belongs purely to TCOMAS.”  
- Right Chord Music


Hailed as ‘pioneers of a new form of expression’ through the performance of poetry in music, The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) are a UK-based duo comprising Daphne Ang (Singapore) and Andrea Papi (Italy) who came together in London in early 2020 to record their debut album, Full Spectrum, which they released on 26 February 2021. 

Since their inception, TCOMAS have established themselves as a formidable collaborative, producing nine very well-received singles and music videos, and two studio albums under their belt. The band’s sixth single, 'Love in the Time of Pestilence', graced several Spotify editorial playlists, including Progressive Metal, and The oTHERS,  situating TCOMAS amongst “the most innovative and forward thinking metal of today”. 

Drawing inspiration from many sources stemming from Tool through to Kraftwerk and Russian Circles, as well as absorbing the poetry of Virginia Woolf and Jim Morrison in their lyrics through their signature, ‘poetry performance,' TCOMAS fills a gap within music by bringing literature and history together into an arena where rock and metal meets electronica.   

Their innovative synthesis of music, poetry, and vision has not only contributed greatly to the world of progressive music, but also to environmental and social causes. Inspired by The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (IPBES) Global Assessment, TCOMAS launched their debut album’s lead single, ‘At the World's End’ as a campaign to promote IPBES’s environmental research efforts, using their music video efforts to raise awareness on the negative effects of human actions on biodiversity and the environment.

"Making music with meaning is of utmost importance to us. Our message is alway loud and clear, both in the way we perform and express it. We want to help push for a future that prioritises people and the environment — this is very clear in the meaning and message of the music in our upcoming second album, Trust No Leaders.

At a time when the world appears to be more divided than ever before, discourse has never been more urgent."

— The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara

Providing the first taste of the new album, ‘Count the Dead’ (released as a single and video in October 2021), addresses the systemic social and economic injustices and the violent inequalities that have been exacerbated by the global pandemic. The track continues the themes addressed in their debut album with ‘Love in the Time of Pestilence’ which documented mankind’s experience of plagues and pandemics over the millennia by using art historical works and archival material in their video.

TCOMAS’s latest offering, ‘The Prophet’ (released as a single and video in November 2021), opened up a discourse on the need and urgency for the regulation and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence technologies — In light of the rapid advancement of new technologies have increasingly redefined what it means to be human today. 

With plans for the release of their sophomore album Trust No Leaders underway, The Chronicles Manimal and Samara are set to continue to engage and capture more minds and hearts with their ethos — Look back into the past for insight, but also remember to look into the future with foresight. 

Trust No Leaders — the second album of The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara — is expected to be released in 2022.


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Vocals, Lyrics, Piano, Keys


Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Vocals


"The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara are THE most important British-based band of the past ten years. 
Their uniqueness is unparalleled, and their power unquestionable." 

– Ever Metal

“The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have opened the cracks of the musical world making what you can only say is a beginning of a new genre of music.

Their music mixes expressional musical layers laced with dramatic performance poetry...Their debut album, Full Spectrum is ...an expression and a piece of art beyond music.”

- Off the Hook Music

“The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara are one of the most important bands the UK has produced in the past 50 years. They are timely and unique and a voice for the more geopolitically astute among our great metal fraternity and sorority…"

“Daphne and Andrea sure are a dream team, combination of their awesome amazing skills has created this high form of art that imitates life. The whole spectrum of the record is truly the Full Spectrum of emotions, experiencing, amazing divine music, art, divine spiritual philosophy, great messages... 

One of the best records out there, an artistic masterpiece of divine art and free will...10/10”

- Demon Reports

"The duo are making quick work of finding their authentic niche in music...as an act that slides effortlessly between wide-reaching spectrums of music –  from elegantly poetic to exuberantly dramatic

– it’s fitting their forthcoming independent album is named Full Spectrum."

"The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have been exciting the imaginations of listeners with their superb blend of electronic rock and spoken word poetry, pioneering a niche in the music industry. This is an album that has so much to offer. Forgive the cliché, but it truly is an album that you will discover more on each listen.

"Full Spectrum” is, by far, my album of 2021.
The benchmark is set really high with this one and I cannot foresee anything else coming close to it."

Pete's Rock News and Views

"The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, the most intriguing act of 2020? You bet. Why?

Because of their mesmerizing way of combining music with poetry in sound and vision.
Because of the way they embed their open-minded and progressive views on political and social issues in arresting sonic poems and sagas. Because of the fact they introduced themselves to the world these past bizarre 12 months with no less than six remarkable singles. And last but not least because of their overall empathetic and human approach."

"The duo's music represents a turning point in the progressive metal genre.

With bands such as Leprous, we have already seen some crossover of electronic music and progressive metal.
However, TCOMAS puts this infusion center and front....The lyrics are pieces of spoken word poetry that combine and transcend literature, history, and art."

- The Prog Loop

“One of the most unique albums we’ve reviewed here… 
Ang’s poetic incantations are mesmerizing and charismatic, and the music created by Papi ranges from death metal to rave. From song to song the listener experiences different genres and poetic themes...
TCOMAS are onto something special here…”

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