"Creating the video is for us a very important stage in the making of meaning in our music.
The moving image really provides a suitable medium to consolidate and crystallise the message imbued in the music and lyrics.
That’s why we always create a video to accompany each song as we feel that it really completes the full picture."

- The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, in an interview with DOPECAUSEWESAID

The Prophet

The Prophet


- "Yet again, The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara take the idea of extreme music,
turn it inside out, dismantle it, and rebuild it into performance art that is as excoriatingly savage in heaviness as it is in political criticism. This level of intelligence in heavy music is terrifying and gives TCOMAS’ music even more power."


"This is the most progressive song of the duo…Every passage is done so smoothly, tactically in a precise and clever way... 
This is the music for the people that enjoy something unique and appreciate high form of art..."

"... Once again a visual masterpiece, the best one of the band. 

"The visuals are breathtaking…Daphne's superb narration and skills, Andrea’s smooth technical bass and other riff mastery…(create) this ultimate and one of a kind conceptual art. And as usual in their high quality art style and manner."


"The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara exist in a unique space; mixing political spoken word poetry with a background of impassioned, thrashing metal.  “The Prophet” is three minutes of pure theatre, a feature length sci-fi drama boiled down into an epic rock song."


"There is no one quite like The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara.  Prog? Rock? Ambient? Trip? Metal? Black Metal?  It's all of these things and more…it's always a pleasure to hear new music from this duo and new single 'The Prophet' is no exception."


 "A slow-burning torch with hellish flare-ups of Rammstein‘s Götterdämmerung hysterics and roaring rock riffage while Samara‘s spoken-word ode to the legendary American confessional poet/writer Sylvia Plath hypnotizes and magnetizes."


“The single joins their library of magnificent songs that would make you think.”

FemMetal - Goddesses of Metal

Count the Dead


“The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara are one of the most important bands the UK has produced in the past 50 years. They are timely and unique and a voice for the more geopolitically astute among our great metal fraternity and sorority…” - Juan Dark 

— Ever Metal 

“The UK-based duo with a unique approach to Metal has released yet another single that defies tradition and extends the borders of Metal music. TCOMAS is, without doubt, one of the most progressive bands of our time and the new single ‘Count the Dead’ adds another brick to the sound they’re building.” 

— FemMetal - Goddesses Of Metal

“The single itself is an evolution in itself for the band as fans will notice a slightly heavier tone to their sound and a hint of a structured metal feel, The band get this change in direction spot on... With this track you can’t help but be taken by the tide and ask the question of how do I add my voice to this message, the answer is singing the song out loud and then find a group you believe in and demand the change you want to see in your community and world.” - Kess Anthony 

— Off The Hook Music Reviews 

“Masterpiece of truth and true form of liberty...'Count the Dead' asks the questions that are forbidden...The song tells us that we need to trust our instincts, souls and minds. This song presented all of this explanation in such a glorious and powerful way...Don’t be led by hate, fear and ignorance – look into your soul and mind for truth, that will set you free...This is another masterpiece by storytelling masters...a brave punch to the brave new world.” - Vladimir Cincovic 

— Demon Reports 

“I’ve just seen the ‘Count The Dead’ video for the first time and my God it has scared the crap out of me. It is powerful, it is scary, it is hard hitting, it is frightening and it is so dreadfully true.” - Pete Devine 

 Pete's Rock New and Views 

“...A crystal-clear structured protest against greedy political sharks and megalomaniac charlatans oppressing people for their own devastating agendas. Again Manimal and Samara show how to fuse poignant poetry and versatile metal genres. Manimal and Samara are sonic architects.” 

— Turn Up The Volume

“In the video there are shown the faces of the ordinary people – that presents something good that is worth fighting for – that needs to continue, not to be put out – The duo once again presented the high quality visual art as well as the visual masterpiece. Wrapped in the most powerful and liberating aural domination – followed by metal/rock sounds.” - Vladimir Cincovic 

— Demon Reports 

“The duo has really stepped up their game both musically and lyrically...The poetic lyrics, a characteristic charm of the duo, are focused on the issues societies are dealing with in the status quo. TCOMAS had left their mark with their debut album “Full Spectrum” by dealing with similar concepts, but their new single shows that they have focused even more on...bringing up the things that are left unsaid as artists with platforms.” 

— The Prog Loop





“The duo didn't just contribute greatly to the world of progressive music with their creative synthesis of innovative music and poetry but also raised awareness to issues we must all be paying more attention to. ” 

 Prog Loop

“At The Worlds End is about the world that is gone…to raise awareness about what mankind will do itself, if we do not stop what we are doing to Earth, now… This great message was presented in such a majestic way by the band, as a high art form, that presents the true philosophy of life, but the point is to stop that, before it’s too late. The duo for sure presented the main essence and point of the message to the core, which makes this song a brilliant piece of art and brought out the awareness as best as they can.” 

— Vladimir Cincovic, Demon Reports

“There’s something about the way Daphne delivers her spoken word parts that I can’t resist.” 

— The Alternative Mixtapes

“Another single, another triumph. If you never heard of this poetallica sensation by now, you can catch up right here, right now. Imagine Sylvia Plath fronting a sound-challenging psychedelic metal band. Exciting? You bet. Mind-exploring? You bet. 2021 warning? You bet. Hope and despair go hand in hand in these times of a world in crisis. Manimal and Samara translate the precarious situation into another sonic tour de force.” 


 “ anthemic sludge-metal feast. With Ang’s final words ringing in the ears as the world tears itself apart…” 


“The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara have a sense of a dark and menacing biographical fair to this music, meaningful rich lyrics imprinted to the front of your mind that has a hypnotic and spine tingling quality, with an background instrumental performance that stamps and presses heavy, rough, and raw textures that combined together to make this track an exploration.” 

Off The Hook Music 

“At The Worlds End shows the earth at the end of time, not out of fatalism or doom thinking, but to raise awareness of what humans are doing to our planet… a song full of fire and Ernst.” 

— Da Music 

“A stark warning about the damage human activity is causing our world. It's deceptively light intro belies the dark heavy message of the music.” 

 Loud Enough? Magazine








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